Small business owners bring Attitude to the streets of New York

Jeff Rose and Rosina Rubin’s limo company keeps New York’s rich and famous from being late and angry. 

“We are the limo service you can swear by, not at,” said Rosina.

Attitude New York chauffeurs clientele that Jeff describes as “usually the first-class or private-plane type,” and it has been that way from the beginning. Jeff was inspired to start this New York City-based small business in 1986 thanks to his pursuit of an entirely different career. While trying to make it as an actor, Jeff found himself working for a transportation company to make ends meet. When his employer changed its management structure, Jeff decided to take a leap of faith and strike out on his own. Starting with a single company car, Jeff slowly acquired one prominent client after another until suddenly he found himself in business.

His wife Rosina later became his business partner, and what began as a one-man operation eventually grew into a successful high-end transportation service with more than 70 employees.

“We are a mid-sized small business and we are still growing,” said Rosina. 

Employing dozens of people and adjusting to the unique challenges of the transportation industry keeps the couple on their toes. In fact, this small business has traveled a road that was at times rocky—surviving a recession, new reporting and a constantly changing market.

“New York City is a very different kind of market than just about anywhere else,” said Jeff.

Nonetheless, it seems no challenge can stop these entrepreneurs. Over 30 years, Jeff and Rosina have found ways to keep their small business thriving in the city that never sleeps. How did they do it? In a very un-New York way.

“Be a tortoise not a hare,” said Jeff.

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