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Access to Capital for Entrepreneurs (ACE)

ACE is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and community development financial institution (CDFI) that provides loans and business development resources to help its borrowers create and grow sustainable businesses. ACE is the resource of choice for those who are typically not financed fully by traditional lenders. With a focus on underserved people and places, ACE connects small businesses owned by women, people of color and low to moderate income entrepreneurs in metro Atlanta and North Georgia with capital and coaching to sustain their businesses, retain their employees, and thereby support their local communities. Since 2000, ACE has loaned more than $125 million to over 2,000 entrepreneurs, who have created or saved more than 14,000 jobs in Georgia. ACE is supported by grants and other forms of funding from banks, foundations, government entities and corporations to assist in its mission to help underserved business owners. For more information, visit

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American Booksellers Association

Founded in 1900, the American Booksellers Association is a national not-for-profit trade organization that works to help independently owned bookstores grow and succeed. ABA's member bookstores act as community anchors; they serve a unique role in promoting the open exchange of ideas, enriching the cultural life of communities, and creating economically vibrant neighborhoods.


American Independent Business Alliance - AMIBA

AMIBA was founded in 2001 to build a movement that supports the development of locally-owned and independent businesses. The strength of AMIBA lies in the fact that it consists of more than 60 local IBA's with active leadership, representing over 20,000 small business members who provide crucial grassroots support; and maintaining the capability to deploy resources both nationally and locally. The vast networks of local businesses that comprise AMIBA support each other and contribute to the vitality of their communities. Our networks have promoted the terms “Buy Local” and “Local First,” and played a key role in helping those concepts and language become prevalent across the United States.


Atlanta Wealth Building Initiative

Atlanta Wealth Building Initiative (AWBI) advances community wealth building strategies through thought leadership, movement building, and new systems and structures of capital to challenge systemic bias and close the racial wealth gap. As an intermediary, AWBI’s work is centered on the support and coordination of the nonprofit business support ecosystem with the intention to build leaders, promote wide-spread engagement, and advance bold ideas that move the sector forward for greater collective impact.


California Association for Micro Enterprise Opportunity

CAMEO is California’s statewide micro-business network made up of over 300 organizations, agencies, and individuals dedicated to furthering Micro-Business development in California with small and micro-business financing such as loans and credit, technical assistance and business management training. Annually, CAMEO members serve about 84,000 very small businesses with training, business and credit assistance and loans. These firms – largely start-ups with less than six employees – support or create 101,000 new jobs in California and generate a total of $7.5 billion in economic activity.

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Common Future

Common Future incubates, resources and co-creates economic solutions that are building wealth and economic power in marginalized, POC-majority communities. As a think and do tank, Common Future is a platform for thought leaders and community advocates who are actively transforming our economy by leading a better way forward.

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Defy Ventures

Defy Ventures is a national nonprofit with a vision to cut recidivism in half by leveraging entrepreneurship to increase economic opportunity and transform lives. Defy's programs are helping currently and formerly incarcerated people across the country defy the odds by providing pathways to employment, entrepreneurship, and a successful reentry.

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Get In Motion!

Get in Motion Entrepreneurs is a Nonprofit organization whose purpose is to create a new generation of Latino Leaders to create sustainable communities. We educate and provide business and community tools and resources for the development of communities, entrepreneurs and small business owners in the greater Coachella Valley region, Riverside County, and ultimately streaming online including YouTube and Podcast channels. With years of experience in education and outreach particularly with the Latino community, we work with highly underserved small business populations in the language of their preference: Español.

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Gusto is a modern, online people platform that helps small and medium-sized businesses take care of their teams. In addition to full-service payroll, Gusto offers health insurance, 401(k)s, expert HR, employee self-onboarding, and team management tools. The company serves more than 200,000 businesses nationwide and has offices in Denver, New York City, and San Francisco.

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Immigrants Rising

We empower undocumented young people to achieve educational and career goals through personal, institutional and policy transformation. We envision an America where all young people can pursue and complete an education with confidence and without constraint.

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Inclusive Action for the City

Inclusive Action for the City is a community development organization and Community Development Financial Institutions Fund (CDFI), whose mission is to bring people together to build strong, local economies that uplift low-income urban communities through advocacy and transformative economic development initiatives.

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Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce

The Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce represents the interests of a broad spectrum of organizations across the private, non-profit, academic, and public sectors, including the business community, job creators, and innovators in the Los Angeles region. Our mission is to design and advance opportunities and solutions for a thriving regional economy that is inclusive and globally competitive. As the oldest and largest business association in the region, the Chamber has a long standing history of convening business leaders, communities, and policy makers to promote a vibrant economy. The Chamber’s vision is A Thriving Region for All. For more information, visit

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Main Street Alliance

The Main Street Alliance is a national network of small businesses and their supporters working to build a new voice for small businesses on important public policy issues. Main Street Alliance members are working throughout the country to build policies that work for business owners, their employees, and the communities they serve.

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Michigan Association for Female Entrepreneurs

Michigan Association for Female Entrepreneurs (MAFE) is a nonprofit organization that is committed to supporting and promoting the economic growth and advancement of women entrepreneurs in Michigan. MAFE's mission is to help women overcome barriers to business success by providing access to education, information, resources, and opportunities focused on business growth and advancement. MAFE creates a platform for women to build, grow and sustain viable businesses that contribute to economic growth and job creation.


Northern Virginia (NOVA) Hispanic American Chamber of Commerce

NOVAHCC is a privately funded organization of trailblazers, partner sponsors, luminaries entrepreneurs, investors, community and philanthropic leaders who provide advise and support to enhance B2B and B2G opportunities, thru procurement, business matchmaking and networking for our members and partners alike.  
We are an international business solution center which welcomes people of all nationalities, ethnic backgrounds and gender.

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Pacific Community Ventures

Pacific Community Ventures is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit community investor that envisions a world of thriving communities where everyone has a fair shake. Our mission is to invest in addressing racial and gender wealth gaps, and build community wealth by investing in small businesses, help them create good jobs for working people, and make markets work for the common good. We achieve our mission through a “Good Jobs, Good Business” model that combines affordable loans with pro-bono advising, small grants, and tools and incentives to create dignified good jobs. Through September 2021, 84% of PCV’s loan capital has gone to women and/or BIPOC-owned businesses, and 85% has gone to small businesses located in economically distressed areas.

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Right to Start

Each of us holds the spark to start and grow a dream into a business. Everyone has the right to pursue that dream… a Right to Start. To fulfill that right, we must unleash entrepreneurial opportunity for everyone. Regardless of race, place, or background. Across every community. 

To empower the entrepreneurial spirit in all of us… 

  • Give us tools to improve our own lives 
  • Break down barriers to start 
  • Shift public resources to us 
  • Honor what we do 

When the Right to Start is widely shared, prosperity spreads through homegrown jobs, higher incomes, better goods and services, and lower inequality.

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TMC Community Capital

TMC Community Capital is a nonprofit online microlender focused on empowering underserved entrepreneurs. We provide fast and affordable online financing and foster financial stability among women-owned, low-income, and under-resourced small businesses in California. Community development and small business advocacy are at the heart of our organization.

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Urban League of Greater Atlanta

We are a dedicated person-to-person organization invested in the economic success of African Americans; coaching them to a better life.

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Washington Area Community Investment Fund Inc.

The Washington Area Community Investment Fund, Inc. (Wacif) is one of the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area’s leading Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) focused on small business development. Wacif’s mission is to increase equity and economic opportunity in underserved communities in the Washington, D.C. area by investing knowledge, social, and financial capital in low-and-moderate-income entrepreneurs. To learn more about Wacif’s mission, visit