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Wisconsin Saves: Iniciativa de Ahorros Automáticos

Wisconsin Saves es una nueva iniciativa de ahorros automáticos que se lanzó en abril de 2021 para los empleadores en Wisconsin. Como parte de un programa piloto, Wisconsin Saves está diseñado para incentivar a millones de habitantes en Wisconsin a establecer cuentas de ahorros de emergencia por medio de una estrategia de ahorros automáticos que divide sus depósitos. A continuación encontrará una descripción general de lo que los empresarios necesitan saber sobre el programa.



Wisconsin small business owner provides healthcare solutions for her community

In 2010, when the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was enacted, Sadie Tuescher’s office at her county job in Milwaukee, Wisc. was flooded with people looking for help enrolling in coverage through the new marketplaces created by the law. She was overwhelmed by the influx of clients but quickly adapted and learned everything she could about the new healthcare law. It wasn’t long before her insurance agent husband was calling her daily with questions about the ACA.


Opinion Poll: Small Business Owners are Hiring, but are Struggling to Find the Right Job Candidates

Small Business Majority
jueves, noviembre 13, 2014

Scientific opinion poll finds small business owners are hiring, but those doing so are having a hard time finding candidates with the right background; they support programs such as apprentice and internships to identify and increase the number of qualified workers.

How one firm turned an internship program into an in-house hiring machine

A business is only as good as the employees who work there. In order to staff their business with the cream of the crop, Jill and Craig Treadway took a unique approach to their hiring process that has paid off in spades.

JT Engineering, an engineering consulting firm based in Hobart, WI, was established in 2005 by Jill Treadway, the principal owner, and specializes in design, construction and program management services at the local, state and federal level.


The Rise of the Latrine Queen

Melanie Lichtfeld, owner of Lichtfeld Plumbing in Madison, WI, is the self-proclaimed Latrine Queen. Although it’s a title she bestowed on herself, it’s one she’s fought long and hard for. Since she began running this family-owned business in 1981, she’s been struggling to gain respect in a decidedly male-dominated field.

Lichtfeld noted that despite her vast competency when it came to plumbing, most men would ignore or refuse to acknowledge her.