Launch event for Small Business Majority's Alliance for a Resilient Small Business Economy

Event type: 
Coalition Meeting
When and where
miércoles, septiembre 22, 2021
2:00pm ET/11:00am PT

Since 2005, Small Business Majority has empowered America's diverse entrepreneurs to build a thriving and equitable economy. Partnerships are the cornerstone of our model, enabling us to work across non-traditional sectors and better connect with our target communities.

The Alliance for a Resilient Small Business Economy is convening a diverse group of stakeholders in pursuit of a common goal: To break down systemic barriers that currently block equitable access to business capital and assistance.

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We hope you will join us in elevating the voices of diverse business groups and small business owners. Using our combined resources, we will not only address entrepreneurs’ immediate needs, but also drive long-term, systemic change toward a more inclusive, equitable society.

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