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Small Business Majority Talks Healthcare Reform with Farm Businesses

With full implementation of healthcare reform just a few weeks away, our team is working harder than ever to educate small business owners across the nation about the new health insurance marketplaces. In fact, last month alone we held nearly 100 outreach events for small business owners. We also recently launched a series of websites that walk small business owners through the small business marketplaces and provide resources that will help them begin the enrollment process.


Our Unmatched Role in the Upcoming Health Exchange Enrollment

Health insurance marketplaces, being set up under the new healthcare law, will be implemented on Oct. 1. Despite the law being more than 3 years old, anything surrounding it, including these insurance marketplaces–the most important provision for small business owners–remains a hotbed of controversy and confusion for many small business owners. Enter Small Business Majority – the leading organization in the nation in terms of educating small business owners about the Affordable Care Act and these new health exchanges.


Health Insurance Marketplaces Still Crucial for Entrepreneurs, Despite Month Delay in Ability to Enroll Online

Statement by John Arensmeyer, Founder & CEO of Small Business Majority, on the announcement today that online enrollment for small business exchanges in some states will be delayed a month

The announcement today that the ability for small businesses to enroll online in some small business health insurance marketplaces is delayed for a month is disappointing, but doesn’t change the fact that these exchanges will still be open for business on October 1 and coverage will begin as scheduled on Jan. 1, 2014.


Chamber Chatter Returns

Great news everyone: our Chamber Chatter program is back!   After widespread positive feedback, we have decided to extend Chatter through the remainder of the year.  That’s right, join us and the White House’s Ari Matusiak, Special Assistant to the President and Director of Private Security Engagement on the last Wednesday of every month from 2-3pm EST to learn the latest happenings of D.C. straight from the mouths of national policymakers.


Small Business Majority Grows by Leaps and Bounds

National small business advocacy organization Small Business Majority announced today the addition of eight new staff members to our team. The new employees will increase our capability to work on issues that matter most to small employers.

The team members will work out of various Small Business Majority offices across the country, including California, Colorado, New York and Washington, D.C. Small Business Majority now has 25 members on staff working to engage policymakers in support of solutions that promote small business growth and drive a strong economy.


Affordable Care Act 101 Weekly Webinar Series

The Small Business Administration and Small Business Majority are launching the Affordable Care Act 101 weekly webinar series.  Each week, SBA representatives will walk through the key pieces of the law so that small business owners can understand the facts and make the most informed decisions they can about providing health insurance for their employees.

This free series will focus on both federal and state provisions to help small business owners understand how the law will affect them. Topics being discussed include:


National Small Business Week Turns 50 | Commentary

America was made by entrepreneurs — individuals whose hard work and tenacious spirits allowed them to build our nation, brick by brick and storefront by storefront, into what it is today. For hundreds of years we have relied on small-business owners to carry our economy forward, buoy it when it falters and rebuild it when it crumbles. In 1963, President John F. Kennedy proclaimed the first National Small Business Week to honor the individuals whose sacrifices and triumphs make up the backbone of this nation. This week marks the 50th anniversary of that proclamation.