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A Win For Millions Of Small-Business Workers


As David Chase, health care policy director for the Small Business Majority, a national small-business advocacy group, summed it up, “If you’re a small-business owner, you know how to provide your product or service. But when it comes to health insurance, it’s a very foreign concept.”

Small Business Majority: Interview with Tim Gaudette

Access to Capital, Taxes, Minimum Wage, Summit

Guest Column: Raising the Wage Won't Kill Jobs

Minimum Wage

A recent editorial from The Gazette makes the case that a higher minimum wage is bad for business. But as a real small business owner, I have first-hand insight into this issue - and I know that a higher minimum wage won't kill businesses or jobs.

In fact, I can confidently say that raising the wage will increase worker productivity and stimulate our economy to boost small businesses like mine.

Any small business owner knows that productive and talented employees keep businesses humming. Unfortunately, people who make minimum wage today often can't do their best...

Student Debt Is Stifling Student Entrepreneurs and Hillary Cinton Wants to Change That


Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton will announce a plan on Tuesday to provide student loan relief to "entrepreneurs and innovators" — a proposal she hopes will spur young people to start new business ventures and create jobs.

The proposal will allow aspiring entrepreneurs to "put their federal student loans into a special status" for three years, where the loans will not accrue interest, allowing those entrepreneurs to get their businesses off the ground without worrying about their student debt, a campaign aide told Mic.

And for...

Matt Kearns: Elk River has untapped potential

Charleston Gazette
Public lands

Birthplace of Rivers National Monument would protect our headwaters, guarantee recreational access in the monument area, and bolster the local tax base. My hunch is that the prestige of a national monument in West Virginia would untap new economic activity downstream, too, boosting the profile of towns all along the Elk River. According to a report by the Small Business Majority, 10 of the 22 national monuments designated by President Obama since 2009 have already generated $150 million for local economies — creating millions of dollars in new visitor spending. As more people discover Wild...

Myths & Facts: The Minimum Wage

Minimum Wage

​"​Small Business Majority: 60 Percent Of Small Businesses Support Raising The Minimum Wage Nationwide. The Small Business Majority, a national small-business advocacy organization, on July 29 released the results of a poll of small-business owners gauging support for raising the federal minimum wage. They found 60 percent of small-business owners supported raising the minimum wage to at least $12 per hour, and half of respondents already paid workers at least $12 per hour. Additionally, the poll found that one-fifth of small-business owners already pay workers a minimum of $15 per...

For business, Supreme Court's immigration ruling means fewer legal workers


“We believe upholding these executive actions would have helped drive new business growth and ensure small businesses have adequate access to a skilled workforce —something small business owners desperately need right now,” said Rhett Buttle, president and managing director of Small Business Majority, a group that often sides with Obama on major issues.

He cited a poll that found that one in five small business owners who have hired immigrants “say it’s because they can’t find enough U.S. citizens to fill jobs.” But one of the biggest challenges these businesses face is “concern...

Boustany's Small Business Healthcare Relief Act Passes Committee, Sent to House Floor


Supporters of the legislation include the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the National Association for Towns and Townships, the American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF), the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), the National Federation of Business (NFIB), the Small Business Majority, the National Association for the Self Employed (NASE), the Coalition for Affordable Health Coverage (CAHC), the Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA), and the National Retail Federation (NRF).

Charlotte-Area Small Business Owners Urge Repeal of HB2

Human Rights Campaign Blog

Yesterday, TurnOUT! North Carolina (NC) and the Small Business Majority continued our multiple city tour of North Carolina featuring Small Business leaders detailing the real economic harm they are experiencing as a result of HB2. Starting on Wednesday in Raleigh, traveling yesterday to Charlotte, and heading to Greensboro next week, our “Small Businesses for the Repeal of HB2” tour is highlighting HB2’s direct impact on small businesses, small business owners, their families and employees.

Kevin Giriunas, owner of Advent Coworking and member of the Small Business Majority, hosted...

Small business owners express HB2 frustration


James Funderburk, who designed and developed the Celadon Town Homes in Wesley Heights, the Southeast's first LEED certified community, says HB2 hurts small businesses' bottoml ine.

"I rely on progressive people moving to Charlotte, now I find myself trying to convince people Charlotte is still progressive to come to," he said.

Funderburk has operated numerous ventures in Charlotte over the last two decades, from real estate and home furnishings, to retail and night clubs.

"Charlotte has been welcoming and supportive of all the different cutting...

Only Starting To See Opportunities of Monument

Las Cruces Sun-News
Public lands, Summit

In a recent guest column for the Sun-News, Carrie Hamblen of the Las Cruces Green Chamber of Commerce discussed her participation recently in a Small Business Summit panel discussion sponsored by the Small Business Majority in Washington, D.C., and focused on the economic opportunities that can come with a national monument designation.

Small business owners in Charlotte call for HB2 repeal

Charlotte Observer

Russell Fergusson, a business attorney, said HB2 is driving away business and tourism, and casting the state in a negative light nationally.

“It’s embarrassing to be a North Carolinian,” he said. “We ask the state legislature to be honest with themselves and acknowledge their mistake and repeal this poorly written bill.”

Triangle-Area Small Business Owners Urge Repeal of HB2

Human Rights Campaign Blog

The speakers from yesterday's press conference collectively called on leaders in Raleigh to fully repeal HB2 before it is too late for the state.

Chris Heavener and Sam Ratto, co-founders of Videri Chocolate Factory -- which relies on convention and tourism business to thrive, hosted yesterday's press conference. They are seeing a decrease in visitors and have had to cancel events as a result of HB2.

Victor Lytvinenko and his wife Sara own Raleigh Denim Workshop, whose handmade, locally-sourced jeans are known around the globe and are sold in boutiques from Los...

Columbus Small Business Owners Bring Their Voices to D.C.

The Metropreneur

Small businesses are our nation’s primary job creators and innovators. Right here in Ohio, we have more than 900,000 small businesses that support more than two million jobs. But too often, small business owners aren’t included in decisions made by lawmakers – which leads to policies that don’t address the real problems small businesses face. That’s why on May 8-11, I was privileged to bring 11 Ohio small business owners, including five from Columbus, to join more than 150 small business owners at Small Business Majority’s Small Business Leadership Summit in Washington, D.C.


Small businesses rally to oppose House Bill 2


“I’m embarrassed, honestly, because I don’t know what to say,” said Victor Lytvinenko, the co-owner of the Raleigh Denim Workshop.

Lytvinenko says he has spent hours fielding questions from out-of-town clients about HB2 and the repercussions.

Since House Bill 2 has passed, many businesses have called on McCrory and legislatures to repeal the law.

New Online Commercial Lenders: Predatory or Much-Needed Relief?

St. Louis Small Business Monthly
Access to Capital

"All online lenders are not necessarily terrible," says Mary Timmel of Small Business Majority, an organization that works to help educate small-business owners on lending opportunities and other business best practices. "They are filling a void."

Financing Tips: Why Do Business Loans Get Declined?

Biz India
Access to Capital, Summit

Parag Nevatia of EZ Funding Solutions LLC is proud to be chosen as one of 150 businesses selected nationally to attend the Small Business Majority Summit at the White House in May 2016.

Small-Business Owners Complain HB2 Hurting Profits


Victor Lytvinenko, a co-owner of the Raleigh Denim Store, said one of his retailers recently ended a contract, citing HB2.

The company makes handcrafted jeans, which are sold at high-end stores such as Saks 5th Avenue and Nordstrom.

"We spend 20 minutes talking about HB2 rather than building business," Lytvinenko said.

Release: Drug Pricing Transparency Bill Heads to the Senate Floor for a Vote


'SB 1010 protects competition and offers a reasonable level of transparency while also ensuring drug manufacturers can keep proprietary information confidential.' -Small Business Majority

The Changing Face of SMBs

Technology & Innovation

There’s been a lot of mention lately that millennials have a start up mentality and are increasingly starting their own small businesses. According to a study conducted by the Small Business Majority, 51% of Millennials either own or would like to own a small business. The study also found that the 18-34 year olds’ main reasons for not starting up were money related: student debt and retirement money.