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| Morning Consult

The absence of a paid family and medical leave policy in the United States is hurting my employees and my business. It doesn’t have to be this way, however, because a plan to solve this problem has been on the table for years — only Congress declined to act on it.

| Boulder Daily Camera

The Trump administration's efforts to undermine the Affordable Care Act (ACA) will force many of Colorado's small businesses and solo entrepreneurs to pay more for health insurance or forgo coverage entirely.

Recently, the administration made two destructive decisions.

| Daily Herald

Most Americans believe true retirement is not an option. A recent survey by Employee Benefit Research Institute found 79 percent of workers expect to keep working even after they technically retire, mainly because they anticipate they will need more income.

| Black Owned & Operated

The Women’s Entrepreneurship Program will help local women entrepreneurs gain the resources they need to start and grow their companies. The Small Business Majority plans to offer in-person and online resources for women through educational events in the area.

| Springfield Business Journal

In an Industry Insight column in the July 16 issue, Lynne Haggerman wrote that the Donald Trump administration’s new rule encouraging small businesses, solo entrepreneurs and others to band together to purchase health insurance through association health plans will create “a new avenue to access

| The Hill

Business groups that have long advocated for association health plans (AHPs) just learned a valuable lesson: Beware of politicians bearing gifts.

| United States Congressman Peter Welch

This legislation is backed by more than 60 Democratic cosponsors, and endorsed by the organizations below:

| Denver Post

Although the average proposed 2019 premium increase for Colorado’s individual health care exchange is the lowest since 2015, it could have been much lower if not for administration’s efforts to undermine the ACA.

| Sacramento Bee

Xiomara Pena, the deputy director of the California office of Small Business Majority, said she’s concerned that many of those individuals may be self-employed business people whose incomes are just above the levels where they would qualify for subsidies.

| Investment News

"Small business owners want to offer the kind of benefits that will help them attract and retain talented workers, while also helping their employees save for their futures," said John Arensmeyer, founder and CEO of Small Business Majority, an advocacy organization for small businesses