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Oregon entrepreneur promotes sustainability inspired by her heritage

Growing up in India, Pallavi Pande ate her meals using banana leaves as plates. This sparked her passion for sustainability and being close to nature. Raising her family in Portland, Ore. inspired her to reconnect with her heritage and share this tradition with the western world.



Statewide Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of New Jersey

As a not-for-profit organization for over 25 years, The Statewide Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of New Jersey (SHCC-NJ) has become the voice of the 70,0000 Hispanic Owned businesses that contribute over $10 Billion to the State’s economy. SHCC-NJ is a voluntary membership network of individuals, businesses, Hispanic Chambers of Commerce and professional business associations across New Jersey. Our mission is to promote the continued growth and development of New Jersey businesses.

All aboard the Churros Locos-motive

A vacation that turned out to be more work than play sparked a crazy idea for Isabel Sanchez and her husband, Daniel Huerta, that led to Portland’s red-hot food truck, Churros Locos.

During a trip along the Oregon coast, Sanchez and her husband met a gelato business owner who was lamenting about the lack of smell exuding from his shop to attract customers. In a flash, inspiration struck.