COVID-19: Colorado Resources

As many of you are aware, the State of Colorado and many municipalities have taken emergency actions to slow the spread of the COVID-19. In addition to closing numerous public venues, and encouraging Colorado residents to practice social distancing, the state is also placing additional requirements on businesses to prioritize the health of employees and the public.

The information and resources provided here includes general state and federal guidance for navigating the COVID-19 outbreak, as well as specific information and resources for business owners.


General Guidance on COVID-19 Response:

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment is coordinating state efforts for testing, public information, and guidance at this time. Information provided by the department includes guidance for individuals on virus exposure, testing resources, event restrictions and best practices for slowing the spread of the virus. Additionally, the department is providing regularly updated information on the number of confirmed cases, as well as their geographic region.

CDPHE information can be found here »

The Centers for Disease Control are also providing information and resources for the public to stay informed. The resources provide a national overview of the virus spread, as well as useful information on how to protect yourself.

CDC information can be found here »

Additional COVID-19 Response Information for Businesses:

Among the resources provided by the CDC is specific guidance for businesses. The information provided primarily focuses on ensuring staff and customer safety, maintaining a sanitary work environment, and a framework for doing your own risk assessment.

CDC interim guidance for businesses can be found here »

Please note, for businesses operating in hospitality, leisure, child care, and recreation industries, it is important to check whether your hand sanitizer or cleaning materials protect against COVID-19.

CDC recommended cleaning products can be found here »

Business Funding and Technical Assistance During State of Emergency:

Attempts to slow and prevent the rapid spread of COVID-19 may negatively impact business creating cash flow issues. Right now, there are federal efforts to increase emergency, low-interest loans for small businesses.

Colorado SBDC Disaster Preparedness Guidance »

SBA information on local technical assistance and providers can be found here »

Additional resources for technical assistance and financial planning can be found here »

We strongly advise business owners to avoid short term, high interest financing options during the state of emergency. We understand there may be a need for immediate financing; however, high-interest products may not meet the needs of your business at this time.

We suggest looking for financing at any of these institutions first:

  • Traditional banks
  • Community banks 
  • Credit unions
  • Community development financial institutions (CDFIs)
  • SBA lenders
  • Economic development agencies
  • Family and friends
  • Personal savings

Additional information on SBA disaster assistance loan programs can be found here »

Information on loan preparedness and key questions for debt financing can be found here »

For additional economic relief information including small business grants and loans, please visit the City of Denver »