Small business owners spend their days concentrating on their particular specialty, but there's one thing they have in common: They all need tools to manage and grow their businesses. Our in-depth educational resources, websites and fact sheets give detailed information about accessing responsible capital; financial tools and management, workplace issues and benefits like retirement, healthcare and paid family leave; and much more. Additionally, we answer frequently asked questions about federal and state legislation and programs that offer publicly-administered access to paid leave and retirement benefits.

Colorado voters approved Proposition 118 in November of 2020, paving the way for a state-run Family and Medical Leave Insurance (FAMLI) program. FAMLI will allow small employers in Colorado to facilitate access to paid time off to their employees when they need to care for a family member. This is crucial for small businesses and their employees and a welcomed initiative in Colorado.

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Thursday, June 1, 2023 | 10:00am PT

Understanding your target market and what drives their purchasing decisions is essential for any small business owner. In this session, we'll teach you how to read and analyze consumer behavior to identify patterns and trends to help you make informed decisions about your inve

Workshop | CA
Tuesday, June 6, 2023 | 6:00pm PT

¿Alguna vez ha pensado en comenzar su propia pequeña empresa pero no sabe por dónde empezar? ¿Es usted propietario de una pequeña empresa que busca tomar los próximos pasos para convertirse en un negocio legítimo?

Workshop | CA
Tuesday, June 6, 2023 | 12:00pm PT

The California Small Business and Nonprofit COVID-19 Supplemental Paid Sick Leave Relief Grant Program offers financial support to eligible businesses and nonprofits in California that have incurred costs for COVID-19 Supplemental Paid Sick Leave. Join Small Business M

Webinar | CA
Wednesday, June 7, 2023 | 12:00pm PST

El Programa de Subvención de Alivio Suplementaria de licencia por enfermedad pagada por COVID-19 para pequeñas empresas y organizaciones sin fines de lucro de California ofrece soporte económico para empresas y organizaciones sin fines de lucro elegibles que han incurrido cost

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