Pledge to safely re-open and revitalize America’s Main Streets

Over the last year and a half, small businesses like mine have been devastated by the COVID-19 pandemic. As we begin to recover and reopen, it is critical that we get the support we need to get back to normal quickly and safely. Everyday that goes by without a full return of consumer confidence, small businesses like mine are losing money. This is hurting small businesses, our workforce and local communities. 

As a small business owner and proud member of my community, I’m committed to opening safely to bring back consumer confidence and support my employees and community. To move quickly, I pledge to use as many resources in this endeavor, including taking one or more of the following actions: 

  • Using the Health Action Alliance Small Business Vaccine Checklist 
  • Supporting my employees and their families by allowing time off to access vaccines 
  • Communicating with my employees about our workplace plans
  • Accessing the Paid Leave Credit for Vaccines to support paid time off for vaccine appointments and possible recovery
  • Moving quickly to support safely reopening businesses in my community so that consumer confidence returns and our local small businesses thrive