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“For years I have been hearing that manufacturing is lost in America,” says Sandra Payne, owner of Denver Concrete Vibrator in Colorado. “And yet there are thousands of manufacturing companies just like this one out there trying to make things domestically. I think it’s going to hurt us very badly.”

| The Next Daily

Small business advocacy group Small Business Majority has highlighted several benefits of group insurance for employees and employers. Small group insurance lowers overall cost, improves access to medical care, provides a safety umbrella for otherwise uninsured employees, and improves recruitment & retention. This health insurance agency in Arlington also offers benefits through lower costs, legal compliance, reduced absenteeism, company loyalty, and tax benefits.

| The Business Journals

Financial planning is important for small business owners and women in particular, because we are the ones who have traditionally been expected to make professional sacrifices in order to care for our loved ones. A recent survey from Small Business Majority found that 36 percent of small business owners who are parents say lack of access to affordable, high-quality childcare was a barrier to starting their business. Other business owners are also playing the role of caregiver for elderly parents or sick loved ones.

| Forbes

Small business owners want paid leave. They do not have the resources to offer robust benefits, like paid family and medical leave, which puts them at a competitive disadvantage when it comes to attracting and retaining employees. Nearly three in four (70%) support the FAMILY Act, according to a poll conducted on behalf of Small Business Majority and Center for American Progress.

| San Francisco Chronicle

When Kenitra Dominguez joined Red Bay Coffee last year as director of people and culture, she wanted to start a retirement plan for the small Oakland roastery. “When I started talking to vendors, the process — especially when you are a team of one — seemed daunting at first,” she said. She was “worried about compliance” and felt like some vendors “were trying to strong-arm us.”

| Denver Business Journal

SoulNia has similarly woven the identity of its founders into its restaurant

business. Tess Hurlburt and Kamiya Willoughby, a couple, created their healthy

soul-food concept based on Willoughby’s family recipes and Hurlburt’s passion

for cooking.

Both Willoughby and Hurlburt want to grow their business and partner with both

the queer community and with people of color. They also want to be an example

of what a successful queer-owned business can look like in Denver.

| Mogul

Daniela Velez is co-owner of Innovated Lab Designs, Inc., in Beverly, New Jersey. She is also part of Small Business Majority’s network of 58,000 small business owners.

| California Healthline

Alma Beltran, a small-business owner in Chula Vista, Calif., doesn’t have health insurance, and neither do her husband and 17-year-old daughter.

Beltran knows it’s a risk but said the premiums this year were simply unaffordable: $1,260 a month for a plan with a whopping $13,000 deductible.

“I decided to let my business grow at the expense of my health insurance,” said Beltran, 53, who manufactures labels for the beer and wine industry. “This is the first year ever that I haven’t had health insurance.”