Sector Partnership Conveners Cohort

Event type: 
Policymaker Meeting
When and where
Wednesday, July 31, 2019
10:30am to 2pm
Arvada, CO

Rural and Urban representatives from chambers and economic development organizations will discuss:
○ How to connect with these partners
○ Examples of partnerships currently working with or being led by/in partnership with chambers/eco development
○ In areas where workforce carries the load of the convener role duties, how can we share responsibilities with our eco development and chamber partners?
○ How to better communicate why this work is important to our local chamber and eco development partners

Additionally, a business panel will discuss:
● Best practices for keeping business leaders accountable for their commitments in meetings
● Getting new business members to the table
● How many business reps do we need at the table?
● Ideas from business on how to ensure both support partners and business partners are keeping business in the driver’s seat

Event topic: 
Access to Capital
Rural Entrepreneurship