Small Businesses Should Bet on Sumnu Marketing

It doesn’t get much more meta than a small business completely focused on serving small businesses.

Sumnu Marketing, a Las Vegas based marketing firm that solely works with small businesses, is thus positioned as a premier firm with a true understanding of their clientele.

“Marketing firms won’t typically work with small businesses due to budget restraints,” said Shaundell Newsome, founder of Sumnu. “We felt that small businesses were lacking in marketing sophistication to grow their companies.”

Marketing has always been in Newsome’s blood. He attended the High School of Graphic Communication Arts in Manhattan and studied communications and psychology at the College of Southern Nevada in the midst of his decade of service in the United States Air Force.

It wasn’t until Newsome surrendered to the lights, glitz and glamour of Sin City that he really immersed himself in the profession.

“The best education that I received in marketing was hands on with an upstart casino company,” he said. “In three years, I became a marketing director with the world’s largest local gaming company.”

Newsome’s growing family was what inspired him to stake his own claim in the marketing world. “My children and my grandchildren inspired me to start my own business. I feel that our family needs a legacy that lives on for generations.”

Sumnu Marketing was then created with a laser-sharp focus and a marketing maestro at its helm.

The firm has a special 12-step-marketing program for small businesses to help them communicate with their customers. “We teach, instruct and consult with small business owners to develop a unique brand for their company,” he said.

However, in today’s online world, everyone proclaims to be a self-taught marketer, posing a bit of a challenge when it comes to educating small business owners.

“Most people feel like they know marketing because they took a class or learned on their own,” he said. “Therefore, these folks view marketing companies as a novelty and not a necessity.”

But with more and more small businesses forming and the real perils of marketing in an over-saturated market becoming more apparent in the digital age, Newsome notes demand for Sumnu’s services is on the rise.

“As a member of the Las Vegas Metro Chamber Business Council and the Urban Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, I have found marketing to be the most sought out service [for small businesses].”

With an eye for what helps small businesses succeed and the experience of operating his own, Newsome is an ideal advocate every small business should have in their corner.

“The best part of owning a business is knowing that you are making an impact on the entire community through small business growth.”

Sumnu is looking to expand this impact with the launch of Sumnu Solutions Zone, a website that features their 12-step program alongside videos, e-books and other media material to help small firms. Which means for this rising small business star, what happens in Vegas most certainly isn’t staying there.


Small Business Majority held a photo contest to find the most creative small businesses around for National Small Business Week. Each day, we’ll be highlighting one of the winners in a profile on our blog. Today’s winner is Sumnu Marketing.

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