Workplace Wellness Challenge prompts Missouri insurance advisors to evaluate their own health

As a small business that specializes in healthcare benefits, Benefit Management, Inc. (BMI), a third party insurance payer located in Joplin, Missouri, is quick to recognize the importance of employee wellness. That’s why they were so excited to participate in our Healthy Business, Healthy Community Workplace Wellness Challenge this summer.

BMI specializes in self-funded healthcare plans, group benefits and managed care measures for employers and their employees. But despite the team’s extensive knowledge of the healthcare market, they hadn’t given much thought improving their own health and wellness until they received our flyer for the Wellness Challenge.

Throughout the eight-week run of the Wellness Challenge, 25 small businesses in southwest Missouri competed against 15 businesses in the St. Louis region by engaging in healthy activities and recording them for free through Wellable, a new fitness and nutrition-tracking program. If you missed the competition, check out our recap here!

BMI’s success in the Wellness Challenge was the result of a group effort, as employees kept each other accountable by ensuring everyone was tracking their points and staying active. Participation in the Challenge even became a topic of conversation around the office; employees swapped tips, recipes and suggestions for fun healthy activities. They even unanimously voted to remove the office candy jar.

For BMI employee Kara Nunez, the Wellness Challenge could not have come at a better time. After struggling with a variety health conditions, Kara was determined to take steps to improve her health and wellbeing. By participating in the Wellness Challenge, Kara found extra motivation to improve her eating habits and incorporate regular exercise into her busy schedule. Kara’s co-workers were also a major source of support and encouragement. Every few weeks the BMI team would challenge each other with healthy tasks, such as going without soda or drinking a gallon of water everyday.

Kara says, “Throughout the Challenge, we would cheer each other on and motivate each other to do better.” Since beginning her lifestyle change, Kara has lost a total of 40 pounds! And although she says she still has a long way to go, she credits the Wellness Challenge with giving her the kick-start she was looking for.

Kara is certainly not the only BMI employee who benefitted from the company’s participation in the Wellness Challenge. Although the competition only lasted a few weeks, Becky Soles, BMI’s team wellness organizer, says she’s sure their participation in the Wellness Challenge will have a lasting impact on their company culture.  

And after checking in with BMI a month post-Challenge, we’re happy to report that their employees have continued their healthy habits. Becky says, “The Challenge sparked a conversation about wellness, so there is certainly potential for us to start a formal wellness program, or participate in a similar competition in the future. In the long run, our goal is to see our employees healthier and happier.”

If you’re interested in implementing a workplace wellness at your business, we’ve made it easy for you to get started! Check out our resource portal for toolkits, guides and other free materials to help you get your own wellness program off the ground.

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