Healthy Business, Healthy Community Workplace Wellness Challenge Launching Today in Missouri

We’re excited to announce that today we’re kicking off our eight-week long small business wellness competition in Missouri! Our Healthy Business, Healthy Community Workplace Wellness Challenge is a community-based competition that will run until July 9. The goal of the Wellness Challenge is to help Missouri employers promote healthier habits in the workplace, all while participating in fun activities and connecting with other small businesses in their area!

We know that workplace wellness programs make for healthier employees and communities, which in turn have shown a direct correlation to increased productivity and employee retention—two components of maintaining a profitable and successful business. However, most small businesses do not have the time or resources to implement workplace wellness programs, and that’s why we’re offering this free special event!

The Wellness Challenge is an opportunity to encourage Missouri entrepreneurs to try implementing a wellness program by making simple and affordable changes. Small businesses in southwest Missouri will compete against businesses in the St. Louis region to participate in healthy activities and record them for free through Wellable, a new fitness and nutrition-tracking program. Wellable allows you to easily track points and team progress for participating in activities, completing daily challenges and making healthy food and drink choices.

Additionally, throughout the Challenge we are offering fantastic prizes donated by local sponsors, including access to fitness facilities, bowling passes, tobacco cessation sessions and walk/run training discounts. And the winners will receive even more benefits! We’ll start the giveaways at our kickoff event in St. Louis!

Most importantly, the Wellness Challenge provides a unique opportunity for small business owners to connect with peers in their community. We will be setting up a LinkedIn group just for Wellness Challenge participants, which will create an opportunity to network with fellow entrepreneurs. You can check out a list of our Challenge participants here!

Not located in Missouri but interested in learning more about wellness programs? Check out our wellness resource portal for information, tips, resources and more.

And be sure to follow along during our inaugural wellness competition through our social media pages using #healthysmallbiz! And stay tuned here on the blog for our Challenge wrap-up in July!