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Great News!! President Obama Keeps Maine WILD

Sustainable Business
Public lands

President Obama has protected more land and water than any other - more than 265 million acres. These generate an annual $156 million in economic benefits to the communities that surround them, according to a study by the Small Business Majority.

Small businesses suffer from state's crisis

Daily Herald Online
Access to Capital, Taxes

Local small businesses, including the self-employed, are a vital solution to Illinois' economic growth. They create two-thirds of all new jobs annually and drive local economic sustainability.

Support for small businesses is essential, yet Illinois' budget woes, even with a stopgap budget, threaten to cut off essential services for small businesses by closing Small Business Development Centers around the state.

Since the 1970s, Illinois SBDCs have provided free consulting and low-cost training assistance for small businesses. Unfortunately, nearly 20 percent of...

Campaign underway to turn Sierra National Forest into national monument

Fresno Bee
Public lands

Wulff says a monument would increase tourism and jobs. Some studies have shown that to be the case, including one recently released that was commissioned by the Small Business Majority. The study evaluated 10 areas near national monuments from 2011 to 2015 that drew an estimated 3.9 million people. The authors reasoned that non-local visitors, most likely drawn to the areas because of nearby monuments, spent about $129 million, and local visitors spent about $51 million.

For Wisconsin Small Business Owners

Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal Sentinel

This webinar, featuring the U.S. Small Business Administration and Small Business Majority, will focus on what the healthcare law means for small businesses and the self-employed in Wisconsin. It will focus on both federal and state provisions to help local small business owners understand how the law will
affect them. Topics being discussed include:

Small business tax credits (available to businesses and
tax-exempt non-profits) -- who's eligible for them and how to claim them
Consumer protection provisions
Health coverage plan options

Proposed California Retirement Plan To Aid Those Without 401k Plans

CBS San Francisco

A lot of Californians aren’t saving nearly what they’ll need for retirement.

But, the state could soon make it easier for employees who don’t have 401k plans at work to sock away money.

Nearly half of workers 50 and older have less than $25,000 in savings and more than 40 percent of those within 10 years of retirement age have no retirement savings at all.

Now state law makers are hoping to change that.

Letter: Raise wages

The Pueblo Ch​ie​ftain
Minimum Wage

Recently, several business groups have launched a campaign against raising the minimum wage in Colorado. But these groups include many big businesses and don’t represent every business owner. In fact, as a small business owner, I support a higher minimum wage.

Most employers will tell you that turnover is expensive, and the longer an employee is with you, the better they become at their job. Reducing turnover makes good business sense, and one of the best ways to do that is to pay good wages, which is why I pay my workers above the minimum wage. This helps us keep talented employees...

More Small, Midsized Firms Choose To Pay Workers’ Medical Costs Directly

Kaiser Health News Online
Healthcare, Family Medical Leave, PSD/Benefits

But any savings a company might achieve come with financial risks. Employers that self-fund typically buy stop-loss insurance to protect them if employees have higher-than-expected health care claims. But such coverage isn’t guaranteed and may only be available to firms with healthier employees, said John Arensmeyer, CEO of the Small Business Majority, an advocacy group that focuses on companies with fewer than 100 workers.

“Our concern is, is it really appropriate for a business of that size to be taking the risk?” Arensmeyer said. “They’re simply taking themselves out of the rules...

National Monument attracting attention, will benefit county

Lake County Record-Bee
Public lands

On July 10, 2015 — just over one year ago — President Obama designated the Berryessa Snow Mountain National Monument. After hearing strong support from local residents, property owners, community leaders, businesses and chambers of commerce, the President acted to permanently protect these special lands already under public ownership by using his authority under the Antiquities Act.

The adjacent communities are now gateways to the National Monument which includes public lands in Lake, Napa, Mendocino, Solano and Yolo Counties. These lands are filled with places to hike, camp, hunt...

Rhetoric vs. Reality: Paid Family and Medical Leave

Center for American Progress
Family Medical Leave, PSD/Benefits

"Across the United States, employers of all sizes recognize the value of investing in their employees. According to Small Business Majority, more than two-thirds of small businesses already have some form of family and medical leave policy in place, including paid, unpaid, formal, and informal policies. But voluntary programs only cover certain workers. A national solution would put basic standards in place and ensure workers in businesses of all sizes have access to paid family and medical leave. In New York, which recently passed paid leave, a 2013 survey found that a majority of...

Closure of Small Business Development Centers Bad News for Illinois’ Entrepreneurs

Chicago Patch

Small businesses are vital to Illinois’ economic growth. In addition to building local communities and driving innovation, they create two-thirds of all new jobs annually and contribute to our local economic sustainability. But many entrepreneurs need help turning their ideas into a business – whether that means help with securing information about affordable business loans, developing a business plan or advice about creating a marketing plan. Since the 1970s, entrepreneurs have been able to rely on the state’s Small Business Development Centers (SBDCs) for these resources. Unfortunately,...

Small Business Majority Entrepreneurship Program Offers Resources to Tackle Business Owners’ Biggest Challenges

The Metropreneur

The Small Business Majority (SBM) is providing business owners with access to information and the educational resources to operate their businesses more effectively.

Traditionally focused on the intersection of small business and public policy, SBM Ohio Outreach Manager Michaela Hahn Burriss explains that when business owners understand government laws and regulations, they are going to make better bottom-line decisions.

Good decision-making is imperative not only to each individual business, but to the nation’s economy as a whole. Burriss says that small businesses already...

Potentially $5 billion in losses from HB2 and still no repeal

News & Observer Online

North Carolina’s House Bill 2, an anti-LGBT law that revokes local nondiscrimination protections, is undoubtedly bad for the state’s LGBT community. But as the NBA’s decision to move the 2017 All-Star Game from Charlotte shows, it’s also proving to be bad for North Carolina’s economy – and particularly for the state’s nearly 800,000 small businesses.

These businesses play a crucial role in creating local jobs and more vibrant communities around the state, but HB 2 is threatening their success by driving away customers and employees. Repealing the law is the right thing to do for...

Deregulation a Democrat Could Love: Are New Rules Strangling Community Banks?

Forbes Online
Access to Capital, Regulations

Community banks make a bit under half of all small-business lending, and there seems to be an emerging consensus, including among many liberals, that they face too much regulation. Groups like the Small Business Majority and Commonomics USA, which promotes economic justice at the local level, is on board. Even Sen. Elizabeth Warren has said she favors “targeted relief to small banks.” Over the long term, small banks have clearly suffered: they comprise a smaller share of total banking assets, they make a smaller share of small-business loans, and their numbers have declined precipitously....

Op-ed: Obama Should Declare This Monument in Arizona

Public lands

A recent study by the Small Business Majority found that national monuments designated by President Obama have added $156 million per year to local economies.

In California, Healthy Employees Create Healthy Businesses

Healthcare, Family Medical Leave, Retirement, PSD/Benefits

Many small businesses can’t afford an HR department, which means that benefits – like health insurance, paid leave and retirement – can be difficult and costly to administer. But employee turnover is expensive as well, costing an employer approximately 75 to 150 percent of an employee’s salary. Benefits can be key to reducing employee turnover, increasing employee productivity and ultimately boosting businesses’ bottom lines. That’s why keeping employees happy and healthy is a priority for many business owners looking to make a profit, but it’s not as easy for small businesses as it is for...

'Small-Business Candidate' Clinton Hires a Small-Business Organizer

General Small Business

Eighteen months after Hillary Clinton declared that “I want to be a small-business president,” and less than four months before the presidential election, her campaign has hired its first dedicated “Business Outreach Director” to introduce the candidate to small-business owners. The job goes to Rhett Buttle, who had been Small Business Majority’s President & Managing Director.

The Small Business Majority was founded over a decade ago as a liberal counterweight to the conservative organizations that dominate the discussion about small-business interests. Founder John Arensmeyer...

5 Ways Small Businesses Can Survive a Rising Minimum Wage

Minimum Wage

If you’ve been following politics lately, you know what a hot topic the minimum wage rate is. Presently, the federal minimum wage sits at $7.25 per hour. However, many states have raised their minimum wages above the minimum, or introduced legislation to do so soon.

Both New York and California have revealed plans to raise their minimum wages to $15 per hour. The emerald state of Oregon is not too far behind with plans to steadily increase wages to $14.75 inside Portland’s urban growth area.

While minimum wage increases are a boon for workers—increasing their gross income,...

McCrory Signs Change to HB2 Restoring State Discrimination Lawsuits



Gov. Pat McCrory on Monday signed into law legislation restoring employees’ right to claim in state court that they were fired for discriminatory reasons. Lawmakers say they unintentionally blocked that recourse when they passed a law in March precluding broad lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender protections.

“Today, we have restored the right to sue for discrimination in state courts, which I requested before this year’s legislative session began,” McCrory said in a statement his office released. “…The issue of gender identity and expression in regards to access to...

A Win For Millions Of Small-Business Workers


As David Chase, health care policy director for the Small Business Majority, a national small-business advocacy group, summed it up, “If you’re a small-business owner, you know how to provide your product or service. But when it comes to health insurance, it’s a very foreign concept.”

Small Business Majority: Interview with Tim Gaudette

Access to Capital, Taxes, Minimum Wage, Summit