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Don’t repeal the ACA: It’s working for small businesses

The Hill - Blogs

As federal lawmakers look to repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) this month, a critical point is getting lost in all the partisan talk: The ACA is working, especially for small business owners.

Not long after I started Hobby Works in 1992, I began offering health coverage to my employees. That decision wasn’t just about attracting and retaining quality workers; as a former retail employee myself, I had found it difficult to get good, affordable insurance.

Although my business has been successful enough that I expanded over the years to four locations...

Paid Sick Days and Paid Family and Medical Leave Are Not Job Killers

Center for American Progress Action Fund

A 2013 poll by Small Business Majority found that a majority of small businesses in the state of New York were in favor of publicly administered family and medical leave, and less than one-fourth of them expressed any opposition. State and national programs can level the playing field on paid leave and help small businesses offer the benefit without prohibitive costs.

Local small businesses adding paid family leave for employees

Family Medical Leave, PSD/Benefits

The hospitality industry isn't known for investing long-term in its employees. But at his Wolf's Ridge Brewing downtown, Alan Szuter is working to change that.
"As a business owner that's my job, to make it so they can have that security."
This year he instituted six weeks of paid medical leave for his full-time employees.
"Adding additional costs to a business can make you non-competitive," Szuter said. "But the people we have here are the people who've made the business what it is. And they're a dedicated group, they...

Self-employed fear ACA repeal means 'job lock'

Modern Healthcare

Joshua Lapp left a full-time job with health benefits in 2014 to launch an urban planning firm with two partners. Columbus, Ohio-based Designing Locally has grown rapidly, with projects all over the county.
There's no way Lapp, 27, would have considered starting his own business before the Affordable Care Act took effect because he has a congenital heart condition. He was able to buy a health plan through the federal exchange, which costs him $300 a month. He hasn't had to worry about insurers denying him coverage -- as they could before the law -- for his condition, which...

Discrimination is bad for business

Durham Herald-Sun

Now that North Carolina’s gubernatorial race has finally come to a close, we must urge Governor-elect Cooper to prioritize the repeal of HB2 after taking office. As a North Carolina native and small business owner, I know that this law does not represent the values of our state, and I have personally experienced it negatively impact my business, Flyleaf Books.

One of the most harmful consequences of HB2 is that it deters tourists and potential new residents from coming to North Carolina. For example, many authors have cancelled book signings and appearances in North Carolina as...

What impact would the paid leave act have? D.C. businesses weigh in

Washington Business Journal Online

Dan Tuner is president of TCG, an IT and consulting services company founded in 1994. The company has 126 employees. When the paid leave legislation was first proposed with 16 weeks of paid leave, Turner said he thought the idea was interesting but had concerns it could be used to allow some employees to be out of the office for 32 consecutive weeks if used at the very end of one year and renewed at the beginning of the next. Under the latest iteration of the legislation, he calculated the added cost to his company will be $92,977, based on the less than 10 percent of employees using the...

Advocates for Independent Business Holds First Summit in D.C.

American Booksellers Association
General Small Business, Access to Capital, Taxes, Technology & Innovation

The summit featured a working lunch, where attendees heard post-election updates from John Arensmeyer, founder and CEO of the Small Business Majority, who provided a small business perspective on the next four years, and David Peluso an experienced public policy expert with close ties to the Trump transition team. Peluso is a principal at the D.C.-based lobbying firm Kountoupes-Denham.

Letter: Our new governor must repeal HB2

High Point Enterprise

After weeks of uncertainty, we finally know who will be the next governor of North Carolina, and I urge him to make it a priority to repeal HB2 early in his term. As a small business owner, I have seen the negative impact of HB2 in the months since its passage, and I’m sure it will have devastating long-term effects on North Carolina’s economy. My business, Kelcor Mechanical, is located in High Point, where many residents have considered moving to a more inclusive state. This would be devastating for our community because we’ll lose money that would normally flow through the local...

Small business owners support minimum wage increase


Most Small Business Owners In Colo. Oppose Laws That Use Religion to Trump LGBTQ Nondiscrimination Protections, New Poll Shows

Americans United for Separation of Church and State

In this tense political climate, bad news sometimes overshadows the good news, and today’s news is good.

A new opinion poll released yesterday by the Small Business Majority reveals that “65% of Colorado small business owners believe business owners should not be allowed to deny services to LGBT individuals based on the owner’s religious beliefs.”

In the past couple of years, numerous state legislatures passed or considered so-called “religious freedom” laws that could allow business owners to deny services to others – particularly LGBTQ people – based their religious...

Entrepreneurs Say High Drug Prices Are Bad for Business [Moj News Agency (Iran)]

Pharmacy Choice

Small Business Majority released a new scientific opinion poll last week that provides a picture of the difficulties small business owners face when it comes to the cost of prescription medications. Most entrepreneurs surveyed include prescription drug coverage in the plans they offer their employees, and more than half say drug costs are a consideration when selecting a plan. But these small employers find themselves struggling to afford prescription drug costs and believe that these costs are hurting small businesses. In many cases, small business owners are either absorbing these...

Poll: Most Colorado small-biz owners say the customer’s always right, gay or straight

colorado politics

The Small Business Majority, which commissions polls on small-business topics, said its research indicates 65 percent of Colorado small-business owners oppose denying goods or services to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender customers. Fewer, however, 61 percent said thought such a standard should apply to wedding-related services for same-sex couples when the business owner has religious objections.

Colorado small businesses support LGBTQ consumers, new poll shows

Colorado Springs Independent

Small Business Majority, a national organization with an interest in the economy of small businesses, released a Colorado-focused poll of 400 small business owners in the state, which reveals how our “mom-and-pop” community feels about denying service to LGBTQ individuals based on religious beliefs.

The short version: Most small business owners polled don’t think religious beliefs are a good enough reason to discriminate against LGBTQ customers.

Entrepreneurs Say High Drug Prices Are Bad for Business

Morning Consult

The president-elect recently vowed to reduce the cost of prescription drugs, which is encouraging news for health consumers — including small business owners who say the high price of medications is affecting their bottom lines.

Small Business Majority released a new scientific opinion poll last week that provides a picture of the difficulties small business owners face when it comes to the cost of prescription medications. Most entrepreneurs surveyed include prescription drug coverage in the plans they offer their employees, and more than half say drug costs are a consideration...

Scientific Opinion Poll: Small Business Owners Say Their Employees Need More Training and Credentialing

General Small Business

The online poll, conducted by Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research on behalf of Small Business Majority, found that 29 percent of small business owners say their employees have insufficient credentials. As a result, these under-credentialed workers are not promoted, which can lead them to lose interest in their job. When asked about hiring new employees, 34 percent of small business owners say finding candidates with the right qualifications is difficult.
"Small business owners have a tough time succeeding without access to well-trained, properly credentialed employees," said...

Advice for entrepreneurs about coverage options, tax credits under Obamacare

Healthcare, Taxes

With a new administration and Congress in place this year, many are questioning the future of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and the health insurance marketplaces it has created. In Illinois, there has been a lot of confusion and misinformation about what this new regime might mean for the state's health insurance marketplace, Get Covered Illinois, and enrollment options for 2017.

Closing The Skills Gap: Small Businesses Get Creative To Address Worker Training Shortfalls

The Huffington Post - Blog
Job Creation, General Small Business

The skills gap is a significant hurdle to growth for most businesses in the United States. And while this gap is well documented in sectors like manufacturing, which had 353,000 open jobs per month on average in 2016 (through August), it is not as well known that small employers face a similar shortage of well-qualified workers.

As with many economic challenges, the dearth of workers with adequate credentialing and training disproportionately hurts small businesses, which don’t have the same resources as large corporations when it comes to spending on recruitment. This problem also...


Healthcare, General Small Business

POLL: DRUG PRICES WEIGH HEAVY ON SMALL BUSINESSES — Nearly 90 percent of small business owners who offer health plans say drug prices are too high, with 72 percent placing the blame on drug companies and 20 percent blaming insurers, according to a new poll last week by Lake Research Partners for the Small Business Majority. The poll surveyed 504 small business owners. The full results, ICYMI.

Trump Chooses Former WWE Exec McMahon for Small Business

Bloomington Pantagraph
General Small Business

WASHINGTON (AP) — President-elect Donald Trump is naming former wrestling executive Linda McMahon to lead the Small Business Administration.

McMahon and her husband, Vince, founded and built World Wrestling Entertainment Inc., now a publicly traded sports entertainment company. She stepped down as the company's chief executive in 2009 and earlier this year launched a joint venture, Women's Leadership LIVE, which promotes opportunities for women in business and public service.

She also poured $100 million of her fortune into two unsuccessful bids for a U.S. Senate...

Small Biz Owners Say Rx Costs 'Burdensome'

Tire Business

WASHINGTON (Dec. 8, 2016) — A majority of small business owners offering health insurance say they feel the high costs of prescription drugs are affecting their bottom line, according to a new poll conducted on behalf of Small Business Majority (SBM).

According to a new release issued by the advocacy group, many small businesses offer prescription drug coverage in their health care plans. Half of those who do say they consider the drug costs when selecting a plan. Still, many small businesses call the costs “burdensome” and in many cases nearly unaffordable, the news release said....