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Despite Partial Repeal, Small Business Owners Still Have Much to Fear From HB 2

It’s no secret that HB 2 has been nothing short of an economic disaster for the state. PolitiFact found that the discriminatory law already cost North Carolina around $500 million and a minimum of 1,400 jobs. The Associated Press estimated that the law would eventually cost the state $3.76 billion if left in place. Given the clear economic consequences of HB 2, it’s disappointing that lawmakers made a deal in March to only partially repeal it, because that compromise could still pose a danger to North Carolina’s small business ecosystem.

Closing The Skills Gap: Small Businesses Get Creative To Address Worker Training Shortfalls

The skills gap is a significant hurdle to growth for most businesses in the United States. And while this gap is well documented in sectors like manufacturing, which had 353,000 open jobs per month in 2016 (through August), it is not as well known that small employers face a similar shortage of well-qualified workers.

Small Businesses Need—And Support—Employees With Additional Training and Credentialing

It’s no secret that big businesses struggle to find skilled and credentialed employees. But this issue also impacts our nation’s job creators: small businesses. New scientific polling shows small businesses around the country believe lack of education, experience and training is one of biggest challenges they face when it comes to hiring and employment, and they’re willing to act to ensure they have the skilled workers they need to run their businesses.

State Opinion Polls: Small Business Owners Provide Array of Benefits to Employees

Many small business owners think of their employees as family, and they believe in taking care of their employees in order to retain a happy and loyal workforce and to attract top talent. They also know it’s important for their employees to be able to balance their work and family responsibilities. New scientific polling shows the majority of small businesses in Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi and New Mexico offer benefits like paid leave and provide family-friendly policies for their employees.

Opinion Poll: Small Businesses Support Increasing Minimum Wage

Small business owners nationwide are recovering from the Great Recession and slowly fortifying their businesses. It is the jobs these small businesses provide and the consumers they serve that keeps our recovery moving. Entrepreneurs nationwide recognize we need to foster this trend. According to a national scientific opinion poll conducted for Small Business Majority, small business owners widely agree our federal minimum wage should increase so that small business employees and consumers have more money in their pockets. 

Opinion Poll: Small Businesses Support Workplace Nondiscrimination Policies

Small business owners nationwide are doing all they can to strengthen their businesses and put the Great Recession’s effects behind them. Now more than ever, it’s critical they have the help of smart employment laws allowing them to attract and retain the best talent. National scientific opinion polling shows the vast majority of small business owners believe we’re long overdue for federal and state policies protecting all workers from discrimination, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.

Small Businesses Support Family Medical Leave

Small business owners have been working tirelessly to pull the economy back from the brink of the Great Recession. The long hours and commitment they put into their businesses is rivaled only by their employees, whose hard work is crucial to the success of the business. That’s why small business owners feel it makes good business sense to take care of their employees, as it’s crucial they retain a loyal, talented workforce.