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Small Business Owners Support Policies Promoting Access to Responsible Lending

Recent scientific opinion polling found small business owners are broadly supportive of a range of policies that would support responsible lending. Specifically, the poll found 77% of small business owners support a policy that would lift a cap on credit union lending and an overwhelming 87% support a “truth in lending” act for small business loans to increase transparency, among support for other policies.

Venturize - Small Business Loan Options

As a small business owner, you’re the Chief Everything Officer, you keep the customers happy, the doors open and the lights on.

But it’s tough to feel like a boss if getting a loan for the cash your business needs right now feels like rolling the dice and hoping for the best.

Venturize puts the power in your hands to actually feel good about your loan options, access responsible capital, and discover possibilities you didn’t know existed. It’s not a lender – but a program from Small Business Majority.