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Activities planned in select states!

Affordable Care Act 2nd Anniversary

The country is halfway to full implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Since its enactment, some of the law’s strongest provisions have already started padding bottom lines for many American small business owners. This week, Small Business Majority is holding state and national events, press conferences and webinars around the legislation’s anniversary. Find out what we have scheduled, and check out our media timeline for a chronological look at how healthcare has impacted small businesses over the past two years.

Affordable Care Act media timeline:

  1. AllBusiness

    11 July 2011
  2. The New York Times

    20 June 2011
  3. Huffington Post

    15 June 2011

    Small Business Strategy: Health Insurance Helps Boost Bottom Lines

  4. The Wall Street Journal

    22 February 2011
  5. The New York Times

    16 February 2011
  1. The New York Times

    17 September 2010

    Lightening the Health Care Load for Small Businesses

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    Betsy Burton, owner of the King’s English Bookshop.